Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump, whose fierce attacks on the political left and his Republican critics have been a hallmark of his presidency, isn’t the one dividing the country, several Trump supporters told CNN.

“Do you think that President Trump plays any role in that divisiveness?” Camerota asked.

“No,” several voters responded loudly, with two panelists saying he does.

    When Camerota asked the group if they think the President is “being helpful,” one Trump supporter, Crystal Arlington, replied: “I think he’s being helpful, yes.”

    Later during the segment, Camerota asked Arlington if there was “anything (Trump) could do that would make you not vote for him,” to which the voter said, “No.”

    “If he shot someone on 5th Avenue, would you vote for him?” Camerota asked, referring to Trump’s infamous comment during his 2016 campaign that he could shoot someone on the busy New York City street and still get elected

      “You’d have to know why he shot him,” Marian Taylor, another Trump supporter, said.

      “Yeah, why did he shoot him?” Arlington echoed.

      Source: http://edition.cnn.com/


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