(CNN)Former Vice President Joe Biden burned through his campaign donations at a blistering pace over the summer — spending more than he took in and leaving himself just a fraction of the cash available to his better-funded rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Biden raised $15.7 million during the quarter, according to a report filed by his campaign on Tuesday, shortly after the conclusion of the fourth Democratic presidential debate.

The cash Biden has remaining a little more than three months before the Iowa caucuses puts him at a financial disadvantage to rivals such as Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who reported having more than $33 million stockpiled for the primary slog ahead.

    Sanders relied on small-dollar donations for about 60% of his contributions over the summer — giving him a pool of donors to tap repeatedly before they hit legal contribution limits.

    Small donations accounted for less than a third of Biden’s donors.

    Source: http://edition.cnn.com/


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