(CNN)Stormy weather is causing trouble for US travelers.

Airplanes destined to arrive at Boston Logan, New York City’s three international airports, Philadelphia International, Baltimore-Washington and Washington Dulles are all being delayed at their departure gates because of the weather, the FAA stated.

In New York, JFK is experiencing the worst delays, averaging more than five hours, while Newark and LaGuardia are reporting multi-hour delays, the Air Traffic Control System Command Center reported.

    Two West Coast hubs, San Francisco International and Seattle-Tacoma International, are similarly affected by delays as they wait for the stormy weather to clear in the Northeast, according to the FAA.

    All told, roughly 1,400 flights within, into or out of the US have been canceled, according to Flightaware.com, which counts the highest number of canceled flights (around 350) at Newark airport, followed by nearly 260 at JFK.

      In addition, there have been more than 4,700 delays of flights within, into or out of the US today, Flightaware said.

      Based on the cloudy skies, long delays will likely persist well into the evening hours.

      Source: http://edition.cnn.com/


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